Living Healthy With Essential Oils For Beginners

Essential Oils

Medicinal plants have been utilized since the beginning of time for a variety of ailments. With the advent of modern medicine, some of these natural solutions have been lost; some remain on the cusp of rediscovery and others are still used widely and with great enthusiasm. Essential oils fall into the last category and are highly concentrated plant extracts that can be applied topically or ingested in small amounts for optimum health benefits. An aria diffuser gives maximum effect when installed at home with an additional barrier of protection. According to, a majority of users prefer to burn the more fragrant oils using a diffuser.

Much of the way an essential oil is used depends on the ailment it is used for, if any, and the nature of the oil itself. For example, adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil to a tincture or tea can have the effect of an expectorant. However, the oil must be as natural as possible and free from any adulterations or carriers. A more non-invasive treatment is adding essential oils to salves, creams or even directly applying it onto the skin by mixing it with the appropriate carrier oil. However, studies prove that aromatherapy or the diffusing the essential oil is by far the gentlest way of enjoying the health benefits of the oil.

For those new to the world of essential oils, there are a few that are commonly used and well-loved throughout the world. One of the most common is citrus essential oils. These can be orange, lime or lemon—based, and has a clean, uplifting scent. They help stimulate immunity cells in the body and act as an antiseptic cleaner. Herbs such as rosemary and peppermint also come in essential oil form. Peppermint can be used in cleaners and for curing fevers while rosemary helps with hair loss. For those who love aromatic spices and flowers, lavender is a great oil to have on hand as it has a soothing aroma.

There are a plethora of benefits to using essential oils. People all over the world have reported a vast improvement in their immune system and that their speed of recovery from an illness becomes better with the regular use of essential oils. Other benefits include balancing hormonal problems through topical an internal treatment as well as dealing with several types of infections. Apart from the usual benefits, essential oils can be used to make natural beauty products and cleaning products which can be used for surface cleaning, pest control as well as improving the quality of air indoors.

It is important to exercise caution when using essential oils as they are extremely potent and a little goes a long way, especially if taken internally. If it is not possible to source the required essential oil locally, look for a well-reputed, organic brand. Note whether the product lists any adulterations or precautions and spend some time researching the requirement before purchasing, both in terms of the company as well as the ailment that needs to be treated.

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