Mesothelioma – Is There An Existing Successful Prognosis


Mesothelioma is a serious condition that does not have proper cure till date. The main cause is due to long durations of asbestos exposure. The fibers of asbestos stick to the lining within the body cavities and cause inflammation which gradually leads to the formation of tumors. Since there hasn’t been a successful history of complete recovery in patients, mesothelioma prognosis is something that is yet to be streamlined and documented to perfection. Various articles related to similar health topics can be accessed at

One cannot say that there is no progress at all in mesothelioma prognosis. The main constraint here is that the most patients’ diagnosed with the condition do not survive for more than a year. This makes the recording and investigation with the same patient difficult and in some cases almost impossible. The condition does not get exposed till a very late stage. So the treatment and proper analysis also get harder. However, there is an improvement in the mesothelioma prognosis, although it is happening at a much slower rate than expected. Numerous clinical trials are being conducted, and much research is going on in this area.

Types of Mesothelioma and prognosis

Pleural Mesothelioma
With chemotherapy under the usage of Cisplatin and Pemetrexed Alimta®, there have been cases of patients who received treatment for 6 to 12 months. The survival rate in such cases was slightly longer also.

Peritoneal Mesothelioma

Patients with Peritoneal Mesothelioma were able to have a survival period of one-year maximum. If the patient was in a condition to withstand surgery, the survival duration was longer. HIPEC also helped to a certain extent.

Pericardial Mesothelioma
This condition has a very poor prognosis. In most cases mesothelioma that affected the pericardium could not be detected until the death of the patient has taken place. In some rare cases, though it was detected, no successful prognosis has been conducted.

The prognosis of mesothelioma depends on many factors like:-

Location- The location of the infection has a big influence on the prognosis. Pericardial mesothelioma has no prognosis at all, while peritoneal mesothelioma has more reliable prognosis than mesothelioma in the lung area.

Cell type: –There are three primary cell types.
· Epithelioid
· Sarcomatoid
· Biphasic

Out of these, Epithelioid mesothelioma has the better prognosis than the other two.

Stage of condition
It is always the best of any illness is diagnosed at the start. During early stages, the prognosis can be carried out in a better way than the later stages.

Metastasis- It is always much more complicated when the condition is metastasized. That is when the disease spreads from the original location to other parts of the body. The prognosis in such cases becomes very hard and inaccurate.

General health condition of the patient
When a person is healthier, it is easier to make a good prognosis. Age, body condition, the level of infections, etc. all make an impact on the prognosis. It is easier to diagnose and treat younger patients as their overall health condition is better than older patients.

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