Nature’s Answer To Your Bedroom Blues


Today’s busy, stressful life is taking its toll on many in more than one way. It is affecting the quality of our lives, making us less healthy and less happy. One woe which is particularly troubling many men is a marked decline in their testosterone level, which controls their sexual well-being. While many attempts to overcome this problem using pills or potions promising instant results, others opt for more organic solutions like Patriot Power Greens.

We consulted to get a more comprehensive idea about the different natural remedies people resort to when they find it hard to maintain their steam in bed. There are many foods that can naturally boost your libido. Here, we are listing some of them to spice up your performance!

This fruit is rich in L-citrulline which is an amino acid that helps you in getting a harder erection. L-citrulline, once digested, converts to L-arginine which aids the production of nitric oxide resulting in improved erections. Quick, go fill your plate with those juicy melons!

Chili peppers
They are red hot! Quite literally! It contains capsaicin which releases chemicals that set your heart racing. It also gets you into a mood for some action besides boosting your metabolism. So, adding them to your eggs or stir-fry is a good idea.

Apples can work wonders on your sex stamina. Quercetin, an antioxidant flavonoid found in apples, is excellent in prolonging your stamina. The body experiences the same physical changes – increased heart rate, higher metabolism and muscle contractions- while exercising and making love. Quercetin helps by improving your cell’s oxidation capacity which means the muscles can use more amount of oxygen. It also impedes the release of cortisone which leads to muscle breakdown. In simple words, you can have a better time in bed by eating apples besides keeping the doc away.

This food improves the blood flow into your genitals by enhancing artery health. Having a teaspoon full of ginger a few times a week can help you up your performance quotient.

Wild salmon
Are you out on a dinner date? Order some wild salmon to help you stay wild even after those plates are cleared away from the table! It is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids which helps you stay hard longer by producing nitric oxide. There are many kinds of salmon out there. So, make sure you are eating the right kind to add more excitement to your post-dinner session.

Go bananas, folks! This potassium and energy rich tropical fruit is good at muscle relaxing. It avoids cramps and spasms that stop you from displaying your prowess between the sheets.

This whole-grain is a good source of L-arginine that can help treat erectile dysfunction in men. It also lowers the cholesterol level keeping your blood vessels healthy. High cholesterol can result in clogging of your arteries which can lead to high blood pressure and reduced blood flow. So, lower cholesterol would mean better erection.

Here, we have covered only a few of the natural foods that can make your libido skyrocket. Go, help yourself, fast!

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