What Are The Benefits Of Testosterone Therapy

What Are The Benefits Of Testosterone Therapy


Testosterone is the hormone that gives them the body and facial hair, a deep voice and strong muscles. This hormone is present from the fetus and as the boy grows it helps in growth of genitals, producing sperm, erections, etc. It also aids in boosting mood. As the man grows and ages, the level of testosterone levels starts to decrease gradually and show signs of low testosterone. Though there are HealthGains to be had by food, undergoing therapy is a lot more beneficial as per some surveys conducted by www.eatright.com on patients of ED.

Below are some of the benefits that can be had after undergoing testosterone therapy.

Increase in sex drive
Often men with erectile dysfunction experience very low sex drive due to low levels of testosterone. It, in turn, impacts the energy and enthusiasm of a man. Most men after undergoing therapy have noticed an increase in libido. It is a misconception that taking medicines for increasing testosterone levels will help with sex drive, often it is a complex issue and needs a TRT or testosterone replacement therapy.

Mood gets better
When testosterone levels drop, there are effects on the body as well as the mind. You can notice men with low T having mood swings and lack of enthusiasm in the day to day activities. TRT helps to improve the mood, and you become more positive towards life and work.

Become more assertive
Low level of testosterone leads to lack of confidence and self-doubt in men. Having a healthy range of hormones in your body gives by undergoing TRT will give you more clarity of thought and helps you make sound decisions and with confidence.

Increase in muscle mass
Testosterone helps to improve lean mass, so if after TRT you have started to gain muscle then it is because of the androgen in the body. However, one needs to spend some time in the gym or exercise to get the mass along with eating your carbs and proteins.

Minimal side effects
As with any other drugs, there are minor side effects like acne or breast enlargement but they can be reduced in most cases. Some people have also complained of hair loss after TRT, but it is all a matter of choice. You can lead a better-quality life after TRT with vigor, energy and enjoy all the natural desires that every man is entitled to without worrying about minor side effects.

Testosterone and Estradiol
One of the major concerns among patients before undergoing TRT is the effect of excess estradiol or E2 in the body. The common side effects of E2 are bloating, mood swings and retention of water in the body. Careful consideration has to be made to take the right dose and right frequency of E2 which will eliminate the chances of unwanted side effects. You would want to take E2 as it helps in increasing libido.

TRT with proper diet
TRT helps if followed by healthy eating. Any man undergoing TRT should learn how to manage his diet by consuming no alcohol, healthy eating coupled with regular exercise.