Expert Tips On Choosing The Right Climbing Shoes

Expert Tips On Choosing The Right Climbing Shoes

Plenty of research and thought goes into buying the perfect pair of climbing shoes. After you sift through the assortment of top indoor climbing shoes on display, compare prices, and designs, you can hang your boots and call it a day. You can also read the latest posts, articles, reviews, and watch videos on or follow them on social media.

To land yourself a good pair of shoes, here are few things that are worth trying.

Visit The Shoe Shop
Before you look for online deals and you click on the “buy” button, you can visit your local shoe store. If you thought that the best designs were only available online, you would be equally surprised at the variety of styles in the regular brick and mortar shops.

Look For Variety
Try different shoes within your price range from two or three brands of your choice. If you restrict yourself to only one shoe manufacturing company, you will have limited choices. What one company offers in terms of comfort might be missing in another brand that is famous for its designs.

If you are a new climber, place your feet flat on the floor and notice how much of space is left under the arch of your foot. More than half-inch space requires a downturned shoe.

You can look for shoes with Velcro straps as it enables custom fit than the regular slipper-style shoes.

Try The Shoes
Wear the shoes on your left and right feet and walk around the shop. Your show must fit snugly, and your toes must touch the front of the shoe. If there is space between your toes and the shoe, it is probably ill-fitting and will lead to sloppiness. Another point to note is that the shoes must not be tight either. They should be just right for a comfortable grip which is an essential part of rock climbing.

Take off your socks as it comes in the way of your toes and the shoes. Unless you plan to wear socks along with your shoes, you can skip them altogether.

Take A Demo
Most of the shoe stores offer you a surface so you can walk around or even run a bit in them. If you experience a sharp pain or discomfort during this demo, the shoes are too small for you.

Stand on your toe tips on a narrow surface and balance your weight on edge. The shoes should not wrinkle or fold back. If you can feel your feet slide inside the shoes, you have to go for a smaller size.

If you are a beginner, it is advised that you buy multipurpose shoes. There are rock shoes that come with a rigid sole used for covering, and a high leather boot can protect your foot from getting hurt. As a beginner, you will be keen on trying out all kinds of shoes.

Finding an all-purpose shoe will save you the additional expenses in case you plan to buy a new one in the near future.