Want To Become The Best Offensive line Player, This Is The Place For You

Offensive Lineman players are considered to the lifeline of football. They play a vital role in opening the holes for the team’s running backs to get into defense team area and win a goal and the same time ensures the protection of own quarterbacks. An efficient offensive lineman requires core strength, quick footwork, lower and upper body strength and mental toughness. To know all about how to expertise this specialized trait, you can visit https://lbolineperformance.com/. If the news on www.battleredblog.com/ is to be believed some of their best wins have been a result of outstanding performance by O-line players.

Technique development in the single most important aspect of Offensive line play. The target areas to work upon for becoming a good O-line player are:

  1. Size: One of the most important prerequisites is to be big and huge with considerable muscle mass. A high protein diet including fruits, vegetables, livestock along with weight training helps develop the mass. There are dedicated dieticians associated with training institute who prescribe strict diet plans to attain the desired weight. One should train hard and consistently on weights, sleep as many hours as possible in the night is a must. The training schedules should be systematically planned across the week, like the first part of the week focus on lower body, and another half on upper body. Exercises for enhancing muscle mass include
  • Power cleans, squats, lunges, and deadlifts develops the lower body
  • Bench presses, military presses, and pushups are suitable for the upper body.

The Reps of these exercises increase as you advance into the training schedule.

  1. Strength and Power

Both physical and mental toughness is vital for good play. Incorporating plyometrics in the training schedules considerably enhances the strength component. Other exercises include

  • Squats
  • Bench Presses
  • Dumbbell
  1. Improving Footwork

Reflexes and fast footwork improve the game of player drastically. Scheduling agility drills, doing dot drills, doing zig-zag runs, sprinting through cones help in achieving quick footwork. Scheduling these drills twice a week is a must.

  1. Increasing Speed and body tolerance

The timespan for which Linemen will be in the field is not definite; they need to be ready for play for a long time. Some recommended training schedules for improving speed and spontaneity are:

  • Sprinting for 20-40 yards in a week
  • Footwork drills before warm-up
  • High energy evolving sports like volleyball etc.

O-line sessions are 60 to 90 minutes long. Based upon the requirement sessions can be purchased as single sessions or for a group. The time for each workout is based on the specific needs of the athlete. There are various assessments done on a periodic basis by the training club to give feedback to the athletes on the developments and improvements required.  Trainers are highly skilled, experienced. Usually, ex-players played in leading teams.  At their websites, they share related articles to various news, trends and are videos of training schedules related to the offensive line play for reference and guidance.

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